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Gap Size Chart for Baby

The industry standard for baby apparel is to utilize age as the size, however, it is essential to gauge your kid as it is conceivable to have a more established tyke that still needs a smaller size, or on the other hand, a more youthful youngster that necessities to size up. For instance, a baby that is 14 months may at present be wearing size 6 – 12 month given her estimations. In the event that when measuring your kid falls into two distinct sizes amongst weight and length (i.e. 24 lbs and 32″) at that point it is best to size up to guarantee a superior fit.

Note clothing in sizes up to 2 years obliges additional space for a diaper. Estimations up to 2 years underneath are spoken to with a diaper on.


Size Chart for Baby

GAP Size Chart for Baby





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