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50 Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names (2)

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hang on, these are the rest. part 2 of 2, 50 Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names

26. Della:
This name has a literary charm, and is a derivative of the Adeline and Adele names. The good news, you can also use it as a nickname.

27. Edith:
Edith was another very popular name in the past. Nowadays, edith is like getting back up, all thanks to the drama “Downtown Abbey”.

28. Effie:
Effie is a short form of Euphemia, a popular name in the Victorian era. This name has become famous again, all because of the series of books and movies “Hunger Games”.

29. Fannie:
People in the past ages were obsessed with names ending with ‘ie’, Fannie being one of those names. We think this name is one of the sweetest retro names you can give to your daughter.

30. Florence:
Whether you are inspired by the beautiful city of Italy, or the modern rock ballads “Florence and the Machine” Florence will make a perfect artsy name.

31. Harriet:
This name brings a vintage charm in it. It also sounds fun to the ears.

32. Hattie:
Hattie which means ‘ruler of the house’ is a derivative of the name Henrietta. The name is full of imaginative charm and nostalgia.

33. Ida:
Ida is a German name meaning ‘hardworking and diligent’. You can even extend to the demure Idabel or elegant Idabelle.

34. Josephine:
Josephine, the feminine form of Joseph, will be a very good name for your baby. The name captures the innocence and purity of the Romantic era.

35. Lula:
Lula sounds quite strange, but it is ranked 36th in the list of baby girls during the 90s. This will become an unusual name if you consider it for your baby.

36. Lizzie:
Lizzie is a beautiful shortened version of the formal name Elizabeth. How can you don’t remember Lizzie in “Pride and Prejudice”?

37. Mabel:
This ‘lovable’-meaning-name is the most funny and appropriate name for your little princess.

38. Maggie:
Maggie which is a short form of the name Margaret became a favorite in the Victorian Era. This name is an ever-popular name

39. Minnie:
Hey, Minnie has long been famous even before the appearance of your favorite mouse, Minnie. Minnie is one of the fastest moving upward names at the turn of the century.

40. Nelly:
In the 19th century, this name is a household name in America. Famous singer Nelly Furtado is the most popular name carrier of this name.

41. pearl:
The short, delicate Pearl reminds us of the precious treasure of the sea. This will be an excellent middle name or a first name for your little gem.

42. Ruth:
Ruth is a powerful name to choose for your young girl.

43. Sadie:
Sadie was such a popular name in the late 19th century.

44. Violet:
This retro name is perfect for babies born in spring. Even your girl will not be ashamed of a name like Violet.

45. Leona:
Your delicate little girl will be like a lioness that fearless. Leona, is a female variant of the name Leo.

46. Mercy:
Mercy still feels original, despite being a classic name. This will be a unique name for your little one. Mercedes is a long version of this name.

47. Millie:
Mille was once used as a nickname for Millicent or Mildred. Now, you can use it as a nickname for a name like Camille.

48. Beatrice:
Beatrice, who has become a noble name from generation to generation, will be the perfect traditional baby name for your little princess. The meaning of this name is ‘she who blesses’.

49. Anastasia:
Anastasia is one of the most classy and elegant retro names of Greece. Anne or Anna will be the right nickname for that.

50. Vera:
Vera, which means ‘summer’ will be a breezy and shiny name for a girl.

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