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50 Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names (1)

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Do You agree with Shakespeare? You agree or not, here’s the compilation of unique old fashioned baby names for your little princess.


old fashioned girls names

1. Stella:
Stella has experienced huge popularity spikes since the last decade. ‘Star’ is The meaning of this Italian name. Stella McCartney, a British designer is the most popular owner of this name.

2. Hazel:
Hazel’s name in ancient times has the same nuances as Violet, Indigo, and Sienna. But Hazel is a serious name and gives no scope for a nickname. When you have a cute name, who needs a nickname? Hazel’s meaning is ‘hazelnut tree’.

3. Adeline:
This charming name has been a winner since it was first introduced. Modern parents love this lighter-sounding name. Addie or Addy will be the best nickname for this sweet name.

4. Scarlet:
Fashion in the Victorian Era is indeed very amazing, So also with the names. Scarlet is a time-tested name.

5. Lillian:
Lillian is a matronly-sounding name that has made a strong comeback in the baby name dictionary. This antique, floral name also means ‘lily.’ Even Mart McCormack gave this name to his daughter.

6. Betsy:
When we hear the name of Betsy, who will be in our minds is a cute little girl, wearing a big hoop and fitted top. ‘God is satisfaction’ is the Meaning of this beautiful name.

7. Bernadette:
Do you think Bernadette has something in common with Bernard? This name is a French name, and this is the feminine form of Bernard.

8. Clara:
Unlike its contemporaries, Clara is a name that always has appeal to parents of all generations. This gentle and sweet name means ‘light and clear’.

9. Eli:
Like its cousin Elias and Elijah, Eli is also a vintage name. Currently, Eli is progressing rapidly. We see the name Eli has experienced great growth over the last few decades.

10. Amelia:
This old-fashioned variation of the popular Emily is much more unique than its source. A sophisticated name. and, Of course, A-ending that makes it sound really cool.

11. Naomi:
Naomi is one of the few names that gives the strength and determination when you call it. Maybe you know these beautiful women, Naomi Campbell, and Naomi Watts. Naomi means ‘fun’.

12. Elizabeth:
Elizabeth had disappeared a few decades ago but returned to power last year. This name has a sophisticated, elegant and lasting impression. The meaning of this name is ‘My God is abundant’.

13. Charlie:
In the past, parents would have used Charlie for their boys, but today, this name is more common in girls than boys. The name has some kind of playfulness, something you will not find in many old-fashioned names. The meaning of Charlie is ‘strong’.

14. Alice:
Alice does sound old-fashioned but has a tiny vibration in it. And even after a few decades of being disliked, Alice is now beginning to progress on parents. Alice’s meaning is ‘glorious’.

15. Olive:
Olive’s name has really gone out of trend but is now on the rise. Currently, this is one of the top ten classic names. Olive has its own appeal and Style. Olive’s meaning is ‘olive tree’.

16. Rose:
Rose is one of the names that made it through the ages with ease. And with floral and nature names increasingly popular, we are betting more price increases for this name.

17. Nora:
This retro name gets a boost from popular singer Norah Jones. Nora has a greater gravity than most of A-ending retro names.

18. Sophia:
In the Middle Ages, Sophia’s name was very popular among the European nobility. Its popularity increased several folds with the arrival of the German Hanover monarchy. In Greek, this name has the meaning of virtue.

19. Emma:
Emma is a classic feminine name derived from German. This is believed to be a derivative for Emmeline and Emily. Emma’s name began to decline in popularity in the 40s but bounced back in the late 90s.

20. Charlotte:
Charlotte, which means free woman, was one of the names of the ancient kingdom. You can shorten Charlotte’s name in some way like Charlie, Char or Lotta.

21. Aubrey:
we advise you to use Aubrey for your baby girl Although it is a retro unisex name because Aubrey has a feminine appeal. The meaning of Aubrey is’ Elf ruler.

22. Alma:
In a different language, this beautiful Victorian name has many positive meanings. In Celtic, this name means ‘good’, in Persian, it’s ‘Apple’ and in Swedish, it’s ‘loving’.

23. Blanche:
The French retro name is not boring at all. Blanche has a ‘white’ meaning and has a sophistical Victorian flair.

24. Clara:
The name Clara evokes the delicateness and sweetness of the past era. The meaning of this beautiful name is ‘clear and bright’.

25. Cora:
Just like her cousin Nora, Cora is also on the rise. This name reminds us of Lady Cora Grantham of DDC series “Downtown Abbey”. ‘Light’ is The meaning of this Greek name.

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