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50 Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names (2)

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we have previously ended this chart with 25, here’s the rest

26. Enoch:
This is the fans name’s of “Boardwalk Empire” out there. Derived from Hebrew, Enoch’s name means ‘dedicated’.

27. Cassius:
Cool and whimsical, Cassius is one name that can be said to always be in the trend. This is a fun name for your child.

28. Samson:
The entire number of historical figures has used this name, and it still sounds new. If you want you can shorten it to Sam.

29. Francis:
Francis is an old name that always in the trend. Even the name Francis used by Brooke Shields as her daughter’s middle name.

30. Frederick:
Fredrick who is dignified and cool is another name to consider for your baby.

31. Augustine:
Augustine, a beautiful name that can be used either for your son or your daughter. No matter your baby’s gender.

32. Ephraim:
Think of a unique ancient baby name for your little prince? Hailing from the Hebrew word, Ephraim sounds classy and refined.

33. Abraham:
Abraham, was the founding father of the Jews, the first of the Old Testament patriarchs. Abraham means ‘the father of the multitude.’

34. Albert:
Albert’s name has remained popular for over a hundred years, but with an image that is always studious and serious. Well, this name is not outdated.

35. Calvin:
Calvin is a retro, yet unique name that has occupied a safe place on the top 100 list, since, the 20th century.

36. Elijah:
Elijah is a fashionable choice and contains a biblical element, for boys. Elijah was a prophet who went to heaven with the fire chariot.

37. Matthew:
Matthew, in the 80s and 90s was the third most popular name for boys in America. Today, this is the epitome of the fashionable classical name.

38. Chester:
Chester, which means walled city or castle, is the favorite and cute name of your child.

39. Marjorie:
This is a beautiful name for a little flash in your eyes. This name means ‘child of light’.

40. Warren:
This name will be a big name for your son. We feel there is something strong and powerful from the name of Warren

41. Harold:
The name of the old baby, Harold is a phenomenon in the 19th century. Even his derivatives, Harry, was also a very popular name back then. But Harold sounded bolder for a boy’s name.

42. Samuel:
With a catchy nickname like Sam or Sammy, Samuel is a great formal name without being too stuffy.

43. Raymond:
Raymond is the name of every mother’s favorite for their child during the Romantic period. This name means ‘wise protector’.

44. Grover:
Do you know Grover from “Sesame Street”? Of course, why don’t you choose this name for your child? This is also a popular name in the 18th century.

45. Floyd:
Floyd, a celtic name meaning ‘gray’, popularized by the novel “Aurora Floyd” by Elizabeth Braddon. Currently, the brand “Pink Floyd” is the most popular bearer of this name.

46. Harvey:
Harvey is a name that has something amazingly vintage. This classic name evokes the simple times of the past.

47. Henry:
Henry is another wonderful lasting name. Do you remember the other Henry’s name? Including Henry Ford, Henry David Thoreau, and Henry Fonda?

48. Jack:
Jack is one of the most popular names of all time. For now, jack is the 46th most popular name in the United States. Not bad for a vintage name.

49. Luther:
Luther, which means ‘renowned warrior’ raises memories of Martin Luther King, Jr., American civil rights leader. In united kingdom, This is also the name of a popular crime drama.

50. Walter:
Increased popularity of walter seen since the end of the show “Breaking Bad”. Mr. Walter White is one of the main characters in the show.

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